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Show me the actual language that functionally runs this "logic in memory" or those "hardware accelerators".
You don't understand what a hardware accelerator is. There is no language. There is only a thin layer of programmable registers, typically. That is what we do when we really want performance that a softcore/processor cannot deliver. Furthermore, we can use logic-in-memory to make these accelerators even better, with distributed and smart memory access that is orders of magnitude better than multi-level cache.

This is the NORM for any and all modern SoCs: a bunch of cores and some memory, with the heavy load pushed to specialised accelerators. Show me how your tremendously naive architecture can perform better than a god damn specialized accelerator, I dare you. You can't, because that is impossible. Show me how your extremely naive architecture can replace the cores we have on today's SoCs, I dare you. You can't, because no one is going to write software differently such that it fits your architecture.

Congratulations, you achieved a grand total of zero innovation.

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