Hi, members of my research group and myself were having trouble exporting models of the HFSS design file type into GDSII format.

From the documentation, there are two ways that seem possible:

1) Modeler --> Export
2) File --> Export --> GDSII

No matter how we have tried exporting to GDSII format, only the information on conductors in our original model is captured (i.e. no information about layers of dielectrics is retained). We would like a way to export to GDSII that captures the entire model, dielectrics and non purley conductive materials included :)

Furthermore, the second option (2) above does not seem possible for HFSS design file types. The option to export to GDSII file this way is greyed-out (does anyone know why perhaps...). However, this is not the case in a 3D layout file type, for example.

Can someone explain please how we might completely export an HFSS design model (not HFSS 3D layout design or Q3D extractor design files or otherwise) to GDSII format, including all layers of materials? If this is not quite possible, what tricks would you recommend?