Hello all,
I have been developing some applications on SIM808 using Embedded AT for a couple of years now but it looks that the GSM/GPRS network is heading to its end of life. I think it is time to move to a 3G module and I'm considering SIM5360E as a good replacement of SIM808. Unfortunatelly I couldn't find enough information on the internet to setup a developing environment for the SIM5360. I have downloaded RVCT, cygwin, perl and python as it is specified in "SIM5360_EBDAT_Application_Note_V0.01.pdf" but that is pretty much all that I could find about EBDAT and SIM5360. I guess I'm going to need a firmware image of SIM5360 that supports EBDAT and scatter file and some make file. I couldn't find any of these on the web, does anyone managed to compile and run an embedded application on SIM5360? Any help will be appreciated.