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Fast and cheap PCB prototype & assembly service provider here, exporting CUSTOM PCB and PCBA with competitive price and high quality(parts sourcing included), specialized in low volume quantity. All fabricated and assembled as per your requirments,no MOQ limited and exclusive customer service available here!

Our Advantages

>Most competitive price, no tooling cost;
>One stop turnkey service saves your time & cost;
>Components sourced and bought from authorized distributor with competitive price;
>Free stencil cost for assembly order;
>Full range of capacities to satisfy customers' requirements;
>100% flying probes & AOI test;
>No MOQ limited;
>Quality guaranteed, you can focus on your core competencies;
>Outstanding customer service and technical support ;

Please just feel free to send file with specifications to sales@pcbnpi.com for a quotation,or you can submmit quotation on our site www.pcbnpi.com . We will reply you ASAP.

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