Chengdu Spaceon Electronics Co., Ltd. is the most famous professional time&frequency Company in China and has an outstanding ability in R&D, production, sales and services of time&frequency products(atomic clocks, crystal oscillator, time&frequency terminals and devices) as well as Beidou satellite navigation system(BDNS) application products (beidou satellite watches, time synchronization modules and SMS terminals and application systems), microwave(receiving and sending modules, frequency sources, power magnifier and passive microwave modules).

As the China's largest atomic clock mass producer, Spaceon Electronics not only has a national certified technology center and a BDS operating center, but also owns advanced product lines. The company commits itself to integration and case solving capabilities of time&frequency application systems. Also, it has the complete time&frequency industrial chain and is known as one of the most comprehensive enterprises. Our products are widely applied in electronic devices and systems of telecommunication and navigation industries. Spaceon Electronics has strong ability and willing to provide time&frequency products and service to customers in the world.