Hello all,

So I'm aware how to turn off certain warnings for example (NumericStdNoWarnings = 1.)

However I would like to know how I can change the text color? If at all possible.

I'm triggering modelsim 10.6 by running the following command in Linux red hat ksh terminal, my environment variable for TERM = xterm (which enables colour modes with vim)

vsim -c

Once in the console window I like to run various command like
vcom -93 -work mylibrary my_file.vhd

However the console just displaces plain old text. I was hoping there is a way I could get the error messages to display in colour. <similar to how git informs the use of status>

I've looked through the tcl command book with keyword "color" - it mostly relates to gui aspects like configuring the wave pane.

When in gui mode the transcript window is coloured, so essentially I'm hoping the same is possible in console mode.