Hello all.

Today I wanted to show a project that was created some time ago, As I did not have when to present it I decided to do it today.
The controller for growing plants in the hydroponic system was created for hobbyist purposes, it may not be a professional controller, but it is enough for me.
Maybe now a brief description of what hydroponic cultivation is.
Hydroponics: water-based culture without soil cultivation on water nutrients, enabling plant production in artificial conditions on an industrial scale, mainly in greenhouses. Especially useful for growing vegetables and flowers. Compared with the cultivation of the soil, the benefits of hydroponic cultivation are:
- the possibility of planting crops in areas unsuitable for cultivation, eg in dry areas,
- no restrictions on plant rotation - any plant can be grown, including monoculture, because there is no soil fatigue,
- higher yields due to denser sowing and faster growth and development of plants,
- lower contamination of products due to non-use of pesticides and non-removal of heavy metals from soil,
- the ability to shift flowering and fruiting beyond the normal season,
- eliminating some heavy manual work (earth replacement, digging, mowing and others)
- water saving.

Hydroponic cultivation is also possible in domestic conditions. On the market there are many pots and pots with integrated systems for collecting water in granules and with a water level indicator. The advantages of this crop are [1]:

- eliminating the soil and allergens present in it, such as mites,
- large amount of space for proper growth,
- the ability to control the root body,
- the ability to control the amount of water in the pot,
- reducing the frequency of plant transplantation,
The hydroponic cultivars increase the humidity of the air compared to the plants grown in traditional soil cultivation.

Almost every plant can be cultivated hydroponic. A certain form of hydroponics can be used to spread the watercress commonly used in moist lignin, but in the case of plants intended for consumption as germ, they do not receive mineral nutrient media, and their development takes place only thanks to substances accumulated in semen.

Now I can describe how my device works.

At the heart of the system is a 16MHz quad-core Atmega 168p microcontroller. Also included is a PCF8583 real time clock with battery back up. I used two DS18B20 and DHT11 sensors for temperature measurement, but the latter also measures the humidity. The whole system is also equipped with three relays for switching on individual devices, such as an hourly set HPS lamp. An air box with a grow box that starts at the set temperature gives us full control over the temperature in the grow box and a third important for irrigation, which has the function of setting the minute irrigation with interruptions. All driver settings are saved in the EPROM.
I know that for the professional driver he only lacks two functions tz measurement Ph and EC; One could also be tempted to automatically control the Ph and EC level, but somehow I did not need it, because the Ph and EC measurements were done manually by electronic meters.

Now a short film as my device works