I am addressing this forum in hope to find optimal solution for product that we are being working on.

Our system has three components: Fob, Hub and Seat, although the number of Fobs can rise up as well as the number of Seats, while Hub remains alone. Everything will be located inside of the car: Fob goes on car keys, Hub goes on rear window glass, Seat is basically a smart baby car seat. That's the reason why you can have more Fobs, and Seats within the car, while Hub is only one. I will not go deeper into system intricacies - it's enough to say that all of the components are battery powered devices and that the low power constraint is really high, and that components must talk via some kind of wirelesses communication.

Hub is, as its name suggests, central hub of the star like network (for me it was logical to choose this network configuration, but if there are better ones, I'm open to any suggestions). All of the components are talking with it, and not among themselves.

Hub also has a BLE module, because we want to allow users to connect with the system via the Mobile App.

Currently, we want to go with CC1310 as an RF SoC located on each component, which will carry on wireless communication. We want to utilize WOR feature to allow lower power consumption, but is this good solution? We are considering BLE instead of the RF, but since Hub must allow Mobile App to connect to it, I'm afraid of messages being lost. In case of the BLE approach, Hub must change roles from Central (when speaking to others components) to Peripheral (when speaking with Mobile App).

Essentially, number of wireless messages would be around 400 between Hub and each Fob, and 50 between Hub and each Seat, per day. It is not clear to me, can WOR feature guarantee that if Hub is addressing one specific Fob, it doesn't also wake up other components in the car?

This is our second revision, we have previously used CC1101 as wireless solution, but we found out about the silicon bug on it, and now we want to switch to another RF module. We have chosen CC1310, but if someone thinks there are better solutions for our case, please advise us. We want to have SoC with stack on it, so that we don't need to write drivers for that, and because we want to utilize SoC App MCU for other jobs.

If you have any piece of information that could help us make best decision, please share it.