I have ATT dsl modem/wifi router ARRIS Model Number NVG589. I recently purchased backup battery for it. I noticed, when power is gone, backup battery keeps power only phone line active and entire Ethernet section is shut down. I come up with an idea to do some twiks to power up Ethernet as well. I am looking for schematic for it, i think even similar model schematic would be helpful. I did some power measurements and found that basically all power supply blocks getting power, during battery power time, such as 3.3v, 1.2v 1.8v and so on.
I think, the way how it realize shutdown Ethernet section is, from main on board power supply some signal is going to processor, which cut those power off.
I dont think this is very complex task, i just need to schematic, i understand, that aif i add those block too, battery will last much shorter than now..
any suggestion
thanks in advance