Last few days I've been doing online research of those similar micro PLCs from different brands (Eaton Moeller easy, Allen Bradley Pico...). I will use Moeller easy 512 DC-RC controller in my project. But I don't have cable for programming it (I really don't want to spend 60$ for a cable that I will use just once - I got controller for free). Also, the software (EasySoft) is not free. But I found out, that PicoSoft PC program can be used for programming those controllers and it's free, so I downloaded it. It's true, PicoSoft does read projects from EasySoft. Controllers have different names, but hardware is the same, only another brand sells it. Now, I thought, Siemens Logo has similar structure, maybe it's even same controller. So I tried with Logo PC cable on my PC com-port, but it's not working. Connector is same, but I thing it's reversed.
I also have one of these controllers from Italian company SIEI - ARTLogic 10HR-D. But I couldn't find any software or cable that could be used with it (maybe it would be cheaper than Eaton Moeller's cable).
Does anybody has any idea, which cable could I use to program these controllers?