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    Sales Internship in electronics company

    Hello everybody,

    I have recently found an available internship in a good electronics company for students who has not finished their degree yet, which is my case.
    I am interested in learning more electronics and a internship on an electronics department was my focusing from the very beginning, as I need to practice in a company in order to be able to finish my degree.

    The internship I have found is within an electronics company but within the Sales department, which kind of pushes me back a bit because I think I would not be able to practice electronics... or to be involved in some projects etc.

    I would like your opinion about this and the duties I will have which I will leave below because I have no experience whatsoever.

    Some of my questions are:
    Will this department make me acquire skills about their tools and their products and hence improve my electronics skills ?
    Should I apply just because it is a widely known and recognizable electronics company ?


    -Opportunities qualification from marketing events and tradeshows to filter information and allows Fe's to optimize face to face time.
    -Admin tasks for field engineers (visits organization and calendar optimization, quotes requests, interaction with business center) to allow fe's to focus to have more time in front of customers
    -Business generation fron call outs campaigns to generate aditional buiness for all territories and areas at Spain, special cover of ERASED_NAME last territory (Cataluña, Aragon, Valencia)
    - Call out and follow up in emergent and focus industries (energy, automotive, wireless....) to update and increase data base coverage to increase eficiency of our sales activities on it.
    - NPI optimization following up kay customers after introduction events, also increase eficiency of NPIs by completing industry database before starting communication.
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