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    Mobile Communication (considerations for setting up mobile services)

    Hi all
    This is a project I have to submit but I don't know from where I should start , so kindly can anyone please help me and tell me what shall I do .. Thank you in advance

     We want to study some of the effects on the mobile network operation. Assume we have a new operator who wants to operate in a hypothetical city. The operator has two options, to purchase 10MHz, or 20MHz in the 700MHz band, or to purchase 20 MHz or 30MHz in the 3G band. The operator wants to support as many customers as possible
     Build a model to simulate the two scenarios, assuming very active population (i.e.the users are very mobile and you need to account for that in your model)
     Assume you are free to build base stations anywhere with any number, but the single base station needs $100k installing cost and $100k/year running cost.
     Each user on average will get you revenue of $2000/year.
     Build a model for mobility and call arrivals using the proper distributions and rely on the Erlang formulas to get the QoS numbers
     You need to answer the following questions: How much do you need to allocate of your band to support mobility? What will be the QoS achieved? What is the best frequency re-use factor? How many base stations you will need to build to support 1 million users? How much will this cost? Can you recover your investment better in the 700M band or the 3G band? How much you should pay for either band and why?

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    Re: Mobile Communication

    To get the answers requires greater knowledge of the technology. If only we could know how the communications companies decide the best way to do what they do, right?

    However the communications companies have zero incentive to reveal secrets of their technology, any more than they have to. They want to discourage competition. They want to defeat security intrusions.

    Your specs give some details but there are still questions, namely, What is the unknown information that might influence your decisions? Example:

    * How many simultaneous conversations can take place in a 10 MHz band? 20? 30?
    * Can the business survive on the amount of customers who can converse simultaneously?
    * How far apart can you put cell towers at 700M, compared to 3G?
    * Do customers show a preference for devices designed for 700M, compared to 3G?
    * Does either band have an advantage in terms of quality? Miniaturization? Etc.
    * What is expense to operate, adjust, repair equipment for 700M, compared to 3G?

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