INOVIA Technologies is a young and rapidly growing company in solar product manufacturing. INOVIA is at the forefront of green energy technology by offering end-to-end solar products design, engineering, manufacturing and aftersale services.


INOVIA Technologies aims to be a major contributor in environment protection and emission reduction for a better human life through the widespread adoption of solar power.


We exist to make positive changes in the world of energy: economically, environmentally and socially.
We deliver change by building an inspiring and sustainable business that invests in its people and those it works with.
We lead in imagination and innovation in order to make solar simple and accessible.

Our services include:


Solar panel and BIPV module design and development.


INOVIA manufactures solar panels, BIPV modules, solar mounting systems, solar inverters, metering and solar monitoring solutions.


INOVIA provides EPC (Engineering, procurement, and construction) services to design and build solar plants.


INOVIA provides MOM (Maintenance Operation and Management) services to manage, operate and maintain solar plants.

Our prodcuts:
Monocrystalline solar panels.
Polycrystalline solar panels.
Solar micro-inverters.
Solar string inverters.
Solar Kits.
Solar lighting.

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