Here is a circuit diagram for a very simple but also very effective design for a PSU using LM723 and with an effective output of 0V as well as current limitation (0 to whatever maximum current you have the unit designed for)..

I recently dug up a PSU that I made during my student years and am now refurbishing: instead of an analog display of current and voltage I am incorporating a digital LCD display and a AT168 controller for both display and control functions (short circuit and temperature control).

I had a look around on the net to see if there were any similar designs but all I found were complicated designs using all sorts of zeners, transistors etc to try to get 0V output.

Therefor I decided to draw this circuit from the PCB on which I currently have it (I do not have the original drawing any more) and publish it here for your review.

So if you feel like it, please let me know yours opinions and comments.
LM723 circuit diagram.pdf