MicroCore Labs has just released the MCL86 which is a microsequencer based, cycle compatible x86 FPGA core which embedded desgners might find useful. It has an ultra-small footprint that consumes 308 Xilinx LUTs which is less than one percent utilization of the smallest Kintex-7 FPGA and it is instruction set and cycle compatibile with the original 8088 microprocessor.

Because the core is based on a microsequencer, it is significantly smaller than other embedded proccessor cores. And since it is emulating the legendary 8086 instruction set, thousands of tools, books, and support resources are at the fingertips of the firmware designer. This makes the 16-bit MCL86 a smart and powerful choice for an embedded controller project.

We have ported it to a Kintex-7 FPGA and currently have it running as a replacement for the processor on an IBM 5160 XT motherboard. Please check out our YouTube demonstration page to see the core running popular desktop applications on real hardware: http://www.MicroCoreLabs.com