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    Rotary encoder issue - oscillating values while encoder is stationary

    Hi, I'm trying to build a DC motor regulation circuit, however I'm having some trouble with getting my rotary encoder to work properly. I tested the encoder in a pretty simple manner: I hooked it up to my Arduino board, and monitored one of the encoder channels on my PC. The output of the channel was in a form of oscillating pulses while the encoder was completely still; if my understanding of encoders is correct, while the encoder is still, the output should be either 0 or 1, when read as a digital value.
    I have programmaticaly enabled pull-up resistors (built-in the Arduino board) for the encoder channel pins, and have also grounded the shield wire from the encoder.
    I have provided a picture of the encoder channel response.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My question is, is there something basic about encoders I have overlooked (for example, wiring), and the oscillating encoder channels would be a symptom thereof? That would be quite possible as I am quite new to the practical side of controlling systems. I am happy to provide additional information if anyone is interested in trying to help me out.

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    Re: Rotary encoder issue - oscillating values while encoder is stationary

    It is absolutely normal to expect some oscillation at encoder pins, particularly if it is featured with high resolution. Keep in mind that although its output is at digital format, its movement is linear, and considering that sensing mechanism is based on the obfuscation of a light beam through a fringe printed at a crystal wheel, it is not guaranteed that it will stop precisely at the center of the slice. There can happen vibrations at imperceptible levels for us, but enough to sparkle it status.

    What you can do in order to remedy that, is treat this event by software, such as taking the average, disregard very small variations below determined speed, etc...
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