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    Ethernet to fiber optic converter

    Hi all
    I have chosen the AL210 for this Ethernet to Fiber optic conversion.I have doubts and I have posted my schematic and its datasheet.Can you tell me what things i have done wrong in the schematic.

    1.Pin num 20 & 27..I don t know how to give connections.and i don t know what is the meaning of Reduntant Link?
    2.In data sheet They have splitted Power supply as +V and 5v...Is for split the analogue and digital supply
    or to split the supply for fiber?
    3.SD (In datasheet It stated that the SD pin signal detect pin is inbuilt in the IC)
    But I m using AFBR-5803ATZ ST fiber optic connector..But it has SD pin.where I have to give the SD signal in AL210 IC????
    4.What is meant by Volage mode fiber optic and current mode fiber optic ???

    Its quit confusing for me...Please Help me.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Ethernet to fiber optic converter


    First of all AFBR-5803ATZ is not only fiber optic connector but it is itself Ethernet Transceivers. if you are using that then there is no need of AL210. you can directly convert your Ethernet data into fiber mode using AFBR-5803ATZ.

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