I have an RF counter by Radio Shack 22-305. I was wondering if you could explain to me how to use it properly? I'm just getting started in antenna technology and want to have some idea of how to tune the antenna that I'm working on and would like to know how to use and set the RF counter.

I actually came up with an idea to build an antenna that functions similar to a photovoltaic cell. Last year I built a makeshift transformer and waveguide antenna which caused a florescent tube to flicker within 10-feet of the waveguide transformer circuit. I assembled the waveguide by scavenging some old C-band satellite dish parts. I built the transformer from some old ferrite beads. There wasn't enough space inside the beads to pass more than a single wire, so I wrapped the two secondary coils on the outside of the core and used brass bolts for gap switches. The gaps never fired that I know of but the florescent tube flickered within 10-feet of the antenna.

I just started looking into 3D design software last week to see if I might be able to model the circuit by drag/drop the same components into the 3D environment and let the program crunch the numbers and detail a ray trace, but it seems the programs are a bit out of my financial league starting at $10-grand.

Thought I might try some out some of the demo versions anyway just to get my feet wet.

The meter has three switches (on / off) (50-ohms / HiZ) (50-MHz with up/down arrows) The meter also has slow/fast gate speed.

If I set the switches to 50-ohms and the MHz switch to the down arrow I get a reading of 55.

changing the MHz switch to the up arrow I get a reading of 212.

Am I reading 55-ohms at 212-MHz?

If I set the switches to HiZ and the MHz to the down arrow I get a reading of 19.5

changing the MHz switch to the up arrow it reads 130.

Am I reading 19.5 Impedance at 130. MHz?

Thank You

Robert A. Patterson