Please, i'm reading a paper on a circularly polarized monopole antenna and the author has this results that i can't figure out how to generate.
I sent him a mail asking about it and he said i have to extract some results from hfss and then write a code in matlab to generate that plot.
My problem however, is, I don't know which result in HFSS i have to extract and import to matlab. I'll be very grateful if someone helps me figure it out.
below is the title of the results.
"amplitude ratios (i.e., Ex/Ey) of two orthogonal far fields in the +z direction and the simulated phase differences (PDs) between the two fields."

title of the paper is "Compact CPW-Fed Planar Monopole Antenna With Wide Circular Polarization Bandwidth" and the results i'm talking about is in Fig 2b.