Hello everyone,

I am trying to write a 2x1 multiplexer using the mems switch in veriloga. But when i try to simulate the circuit i am getting errors.

ERROR (SPECTRE-11005): Matrix is singular (detected at `out').
ERROR (SPECTRE-16080): No DC solution found (no convergence).

Here is my code.
`include "disciplines.vams"
`include "constants.vams"
module dummy(S, in1, in2, out, vdd, gnd);
input in1, in2, S;
inout vdd, gnd;
output out;
electrical in1, in2, vdd, gnd, out, S, Sbar; 

inverter inverter_1(S, vdd, gnd, Sbar);
mems mems_1(in1, out, Sbar);
mems mems_2(in2, out, S);


module inverter(invin, vdd, gnd, invout);
input invin, vdd, gnd;
electrical vdd, gnd;

output invout;
res  res_1(vdd, invout);
mems mems_3(gnd, invout, invin);

module res(A, GA);
 inout A, GA;
 electrical A, GA;
 parameter real r=100 from (0:inf);

    V(A, GA) <+ r*I(A, GA);


Please help me. I am stuck at this point.

Thank you