When you include code in your posts you should always use CODE or SYNTAX tags, these tags limit the length of the code and show the indents properly so that the code is easier to read and doesn't occupy too much space.

The CODE tag can be added by the icon next to quote (in quick or advanced reply)

To apply the code tags properly do one of the following
  • type the code you intend to post (or paste it) , then select the inserted code text and press the code tag button one time
  • press the code tag button to inset the opening and closing code tag and then type or paste your code text between the inserted tags

They can also be added manually by typing the following opening and closing tags:
PHP Code:

write your code inside this tags

You can also use the SYNTAX tags which are available for many languages and show the code with syntax highlighting.
The SYNTAX tags can be inserted from the right side selector in the advanced reply dialog.

You can also add them manually using

PHP Code:

write your code inside this tags

Depending on the language used the first part can be changed to
PHP Code:
If you are in doubt that you have applied the code/syntax tags correctly you can use preview post to see if the code is shown properly before posting your message.

Any member that doesn't use tags when posting code will receive a warning the first time and infraction points afterwards.

Thank you