The Genius G540 programmer is a case of good hardware let down by its software. Perhaps one of its biggest short comings is the very poor standard of English, with many spelling and grammatical errors in the program. After a while these errors become annoying, so I decided to try and do something about it.
I managed to partially De-compile the program enabling access to some of the dialogue boxes and modify the text (UK English). Unfortunately I was unable to get at some of the lower level dialogue boxes and any of the dynamically written text. I have changed several hundred errors, which have made a noticeable improvement to the program. There are still many more English errors in the program, but I am unable to change them.

If you would like to try the result of my efforts you can download the modified program from here,
I have now managed to get at the menu system and edit the spelling mistakes there as well as a few more dialog boxes.
You can download the updated file from my web site above. I will keep on trying to edit this program for the many more spelling and grammar mistakes as well trying to fix some other errors.