Right 'cards on the table' I am after votes, BUT I also want to share my project and DesignSpark Mechanical experience.

Here is my entry http://designshare.designspark.com/e...ew/stage/brief and as said votes (by clicking LIKE) would be appreciated (you will have to register at the site to do this, but you don't get any problems from this).

I want to do some 3D printing, but don't want to spend lots of money and I could find an good but cheap software to produce the SLA files required.
Then along came DesignSpark Mechanical and addresses the the CAD issue, bu I still can't afford a 3D printer.

This is where I started to think of ideas and my concept design presented is cheap (can use recycled parts) requires no machine tools, just a drill plus normal hand tools.

How does it do this? Have a look at my entry for the details, but basically I only use rotary motion for the mechanics and the software calculates the positioning for the precise XY coordinates. This must be done all the time in robotic arms!

The only part missing is the Z drive and this I believe can me made from an old 5.25 floppy drive or similar as the nozzle is light.

My aim is to throw this idea into the public domain to see some cheaper platforms (not based on linear guides and bearings) and some home built designs appearing.

I hope to progress my design in time on the DesignSpark website, but if anyone wants to contribute just say.

Voting finishes today at 5:00pm GMT and all votes would be appreciated as would comments on this concept and its development.

Forgot to say, as an electronics engineer I was amazed how easy it was to pick up the basics of DesignSpark Mechanical and I created some extruded aluminium profile and a NEMA stepper motor with ease. Well worth a look even just for simple illustrations.

Many thanks