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    Cadence: How to give multiple instances different variables?


    I'm drawing a 2 stage fully differential miller OTA with 2 CMFB networks. These CMFB networks are ideal and contain a vcvs with a gain "Acm". However, when I put 2 instances on my schematic and use the ADE (Analog Design Environment) to retrieve the variables I only get 1 variable Acm for the 2 blocks. I wish to control them independently. When I go down 1 layer to change them, the instance change, so also the variable from the other CMFB block.

    I expected something like Acm (I1/CMFB) and Acm (I10/CMFB).
    Cadence version IC6151

    Does anyone know how to solve this still using instances?

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    I figured it out myself by using the search term:"Virtuoso parameterized cell".
    Basically on the lowest hierarchical level you give the devices parameters that come from the parent schematic by using pPar("parametername") for the parameters you want to set. When then creating a symbol from this CellView you create labels of type ILlabel with text cdsParam(1) with ongoing index until you have all the parameters you want. Then from the CIW: Tools -> CDF -> Edit . There you can add the necessary "component parameters" (string type , with Parse as CEL and Parse as Number enables + units) and indicate the "Interpreted labels" under the other tab section. Don't forget to save.
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