International Circuits is a professional supplier of printed circuit boards. We offer a quick and easy 24/7 online quote and order as well as some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.

One of our most popular products is our prototype specials:

Say for example you have a design with the following specs:

2 layers, 2.5" L x 2" W, .062 inch thickness, 12 mil drill, 5/5 mil trace/space, HASL lead free surface finish, blue solder, and white silkscreen.

With our 100 square inch prototype special for 2 layers, you'd get 20 pieces for $120.00. Add in 2-day $35 shipping and the total you pay comes to just $155.00. With International Circuits we guarantee no hidden, or surprise fees.

Your order will also come with: Free E-Test, Free DFM and 8-day lead time.

Find out more at or send us an email at We're always glad to help!