Hi. I'm working with an inductor modeling with magnetic core by HFSS.

In material menu, it has following properties,

Relative Permittivity
Relative Permeability
Bulk Conductivity
Dielectric Loss Tangent
Magnetic Loss Tangent
Magnteic Saturation
Lande G Factor
Delta H

And my magnetic core has all the same properties compare to air except 'Relative permeability' which is varies from 10 to 100s.

While simulating an spiral inductor, I found that increasing relative permeability of magnetic core turns out increasing its resistance(AC).

In my knowledge, the magnetic core has two main losses, Eddy current loss and Hysteric loss.

Since my magnetic core has zero bulk conductivity, I guess there is no eddy current loss.

Plus there is no options for coercivity which is related to hysteresis, so there might be no hysteric loss!

And magnetic loss tangent is 0.

But still, the increase of permeability increases AC resistance.

Is there anyone who can taught me about this results?

Thank you very much!