Problem overview:

I want to create keyboard with custom keypads. Switches should be pressure and angel sensitive - they should be sensitive in 3 axes. Switch should provide information about level of incllination. If I push the button for half distance the electronics should notice that. If I release button in some distance electronics should notice that as well. The same should apply to angels inclination.
Attachment below explains how it should work:
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I've spent few days looking those parts but no I've not found any interesting results. The best candidate I've found has very short vertical travel of shaft (about 0.1 mm) and is quite expensive. Here is the llink of this part: http://www.alps.com/WebObjects/catal...SKRH_list.html

Something like mechanical computer keyboard switch but pressure sensitive will be more suitable for my DIY project.

Please find diagram of mechanical cherry keypad:

What I am asking for is information if such 3 axis swiches exists and where I can find them? On the other hand, if they not exist, who can design and manufacture them?

I appreciate you any help.