It is a micro-amplifier of own construction. This portable device is a batterry guitar amplifier with effects power supply – a combination of „Little Gem” and Marshall MS 2 with an additional stage on FET transistor for greater impedance of the input. Sides of the housing were made of chipboard.

The amplifier is equipped with:
  • internal supply from 6 batteries R14 – non alkaline will last for about half a yeaer of operation without the effects
  • external supply stabilized from any power supply with a voltage more than 9V
  • protection against incorrect polarization of the battery and power supply
  • volume and tone adjustment
  • two input stages, one of which is attached as a booster. 0,5W amplifier LM386N in a standard application
  • 1,5W/8ohm speaker was removed from cassette player Saba

The device cooperates with both single and humbucker converters.


Link to original thread (useful attachment) - Kokodin Microamp - bateryjny wzmacniacz gitarowy z zasilaczem efektów