If you would like to have your design analyzed by the PCB Manufacturing industry's state-of-the-art DFM solution, go to www.iron-atom.com/pcb

Currently the service is free as we are looking for feedback from the community to validate and improve our service. In addition, if you sign-up for our beta program, you will receive a 50% discount for 3 months when we go live.

You can get all the details on our site but in a nutshell, you can securely upload your PCB design output (Gerber, ODB++, drill files, netlist etc) and our site will automatically run over 50 Design Rule Checks that will highlight any typical manufacturing difficulties and return a detailed report of the analysis.

If you would like to know more before trying, please contact me at mary.urban@iron-atom.com or reply to this thread.

You may also want to read the Printed Circuit Design & Fabrication article on us here: http://pcdandf.com/cms/designnews/9134-cam-in-the-cloud

Thank You!