hi i just connected my fully functioning power supply lambda EWS 1500-12 , 12volt 125A SMPS to charge my 12 volt battery its 150AH, after a bit of charge when i disconnected the power supply i noticed low voltage on output of SMPS with multimeterm it now reads 8v wier th battery removed i tried to increase the voltage from potentiometer but at its maximum value its reading 9v where it used to read 15V, i opened the supply and noticed there is another variable inside the smps i varied it it increase the voltage to 14 volts but now the main potentiomenter cannot vary the output voltage as earlies only 0.4 volt+/- from 14 volt,

another big problem is that votage increases on load, with a 12v 60w car bulb as load the voltage climbs up to 14.5 volts and only slowly returns to 14 volts after load removal, i assume the fault has occured due to current getting back from battery to the SMPS because as i opened it i did not see any diode for protection ???? any idea whats gone wrong here ?????