The guitar was based on a neck of an old classical guitar. Also popular 5W amplifier based on ECC83 and EL84 was home made. The effect is Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808.

The guitar body was cut of 3 glued dried pine boards. The neck was screwed with four strong screws – the connection is rigid enough. Converters are from Ibanez RG470 – H-S-H with a possibility to disconnect the coils in Hambuckers. They were connected with two switches and one actuator in such a way that you can get anu configuration (S-S-S; H-S-H; H-H; S; H-S-S; S-S-H; S-S) etc. The housing was made of galvanized metal sheet. Strings were dragged through the body for better resonance and tone.

The effect was based on diagram from The board was made in thermal transfer method, all resistors 1%, original TI chip.


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