i made one transaction class...

class jk_trans;

// randomization function write
// display function i write


i made driver Generator Receiver scoreboard envirnment package....

all class are interact with one another

i made driver class first..

class jk_driver;

jk_trans data2duv;

mailbox#(jk_trans) drv2sb;


in this declaration part i have error of invalid jk_trans but i made that class name of transaction class..i just make handle of that and i use that throuout the progaram..but i have error in my modelsim and questa sim 6.3g version..

jk_trans i wrote everywhere there is error...any tool problem or any mistake in my code which 1 i wrote..

and another problem with this statement

virtual task send();

in this statement virtual is not supported but dynamic objects and static class connect with only virtual function....everywhere i got problem...please solved out this....

reply me soon....