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    please help,, i get stuck in design OQPSK modulator,, :(

    need help to master here..

    (if u have journal, please i need)

    sorry if my language not perfect.. (indonesia)

    i get stuck to my last project..
    i asked to design GMSK modulator.

    GMSK = Gaussian filter + MSK modulation.. but in this case, i should use OQPSK to change the MSK..

    the GMSK modulator general specification:

    IF = 70 MHz
    bit rate = 270 kbps

    the problem: what more spesification shoul i add ?? and, how much frequncy carrier should i use ??

    how to design that modulator ?? anybody get advice ?? or maybe have block diagram ?? i get confuse with block diagram that i searched in google..

    then, what component / IC should i use for do that modulator project ?? can i use IC MAX 2450 ?? the MAX 2450 said : Modulator Input Bandwidth Up to 15MHz.. what bandwidt here mean ??

    what i know (on my mind):

    the input is signal NRZ, then the signal splited to I (in phase) and Q (quadratur).. then modulation..

    thanks before,,


    my email: adimulyadi9990@gmail.com
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