Hey! Folks,

I am one of those B.Tech. graduates who are ever confused. :(

I passed out from NIT Srinagar in the year 2010. Currently in the telecom sector working with the Nokia Siemens Networks. I find the job very unfulfiling. So I have decided to go for higher studies as early as possible which in any case was my plan for future. I am inclined towards VLSI design. I would ideally want to do it from USA because of two reasons:
1) relative ease of finding an admission in terms of academic effort 2) Better job opportunities.

Now my questions are as follows

1)Am i right in assuming this?

2) Next I am aware there are a lot of good universities in Europe, Honk Kong that provide masters in VLSI. Why or Why not should I attempt for admissions to these universities?

Further I would like to add that it would be very important for me to land a good paying job after MS as I will be taking a loan to finance my studies if i fail to find a scholarship(which is almost certain).

Hoping for a lot of replies on this thread.

Best Regards