Research Assistant for RF/Microwave Circuit Design
There is a vacant part time (around 25 – 30 hours per week) Research Assistant (RA) position at the Electronics Engineering Department, the American University in Cairo. The duties of this position is to assist and participate in research in RF hardware design for a 3D imaging system using laser-ladar technology as well as theoretical modeling and SPICE modeling of metal-semiconductor metal photodetectors using CMOS process. The project is an excellent opportunity for master thesis. This is an excellent opportunity if you want to continue your studies abroad since you will research experience and a publication list which will add so much to your CV.
-You will be paid 2,000 LE for applicants with BS degree and 2,500 LE per month for candidates with MS degree.
Preferred Requirements
1. Strong academic record.
2. Background in RF/Microwave circuits.
3. Experience in Matlab and other CAD tools.
4. Optional: Experience with IC Layout tools
Send your CV to
Dr. Ali Darwish