Usefull can be follow link with parts list, schematics and pcb design.
Very simple diagram looks like this It’s the simplest way, and might doesn’t work propertly when radio signal is too strong or too weak.
Old school receiver should be based on siliceous transistors. One step of transition ( average a dozen KHz – analogue to TDA7xxx series) and then primary signal was split by 2 thanks to cascade connected switchers until audio signal.

If you need FM receiver for RC car you could try to work with TDA 7088T It’s the simplest way. Althought in application note you can find information “ for battery supply” you can still use it with line voltage. Note that i mentioned means that it is dedicated for battery because power consumption is low,. Of course you need to filter the voltage, but this is not a problem.
As a upgrade for your receiver you can add some uC that can communicate with stereodecoder and display an RDS informations on LCD via i2c bus. The last diagram on this web is receiver, stereodecoder and amplifier. Unfortunatelly RDS can work only with processors.

Also you can use, lm1872 with low number of external components. This is receiver and decoder – all in one. It is easy to find data sheet at the interner.
One transistors receiver looks that -