I couldn't find the solution of my problem so I hope to find an advice here.

The problem is that Assura doesn't recognize the device described in the CDL netlist attached to auLvs cellView.

I have a CDL netlist of some block (EEPROM) and a layout of this block.

For this block I've created the auLvs cellview (derived from the symbol) and added the user property CDL_NETLIST_FILE = .

CDL netlist file has been copied to auLvs directory.
Also I edited the syminfo sections of the CDF parameters for the auLvs cellview:

netlistProcedure = ansLvsCompPrim
componentName =
termOrder =
namePrefix = "X

This block has been inserted in top schematic.

Then, when I try to run top LVS with Assura 3.2, it can't find the information about my device in Schematic, i.e., can't read the CDL netlist.

Following error messages in Assura LVS log file:

*WARNING* Device information not found for cell EEPROM in library DIGMEM.
*ERROR* Device 'EEPROM(Generic)' on Schematic is unbound to any Layout device.

What is the correct procedure of binding the CDL netlist to auLvs cellview?

When I use auCdl view of this cell to export the CDL-netlist of whole schematic for DRACULA LVS, it works perfectly!
But I'd like to have a possibility to use Assura LVS as well.

Could you help me with this issue?