I am new in this field, so i would like to hear an advice from more experienced people.

I am getting started on my first little project, and i have to make a helping device for linear welding with MIG/MAG welding machines.

So that i have to make a design of machine that could provide controlled motion on one axis up to 1 meter long.

Question is what hardware i should use to provide following features:

a) easy changeable speed of linear motion (easy to change programm);
b) do welding from point A to point B , point A is not equal to 0 point on working axis;
c) do separated weldments in one operation. (example of path: *____ *____ *____ . (* - ignition, ___ - weldment);
d) changeable time of ignition delay before linear motion starts;
c) easy to configure.

So i would like to hear any suggestion of what type of motor, linear actuator, controller better to use in this type of applicaton.

Im adding a conceptual skech of what it should look like.