PCB International would like to take a moment to introduce our 310 square inches and under prototype value series. Unlike other manufacturers who restrict your design to meet their needs and charge extra for uncomplicated adders, we want to give you the complete freedom to build your design just the way you envisioned. Match our standard specs against ANYONE - either domestic or overseas and we believe you cannot find a better overall value.

2 Layer 100 in2 for $94.99
4 Layer 100 in2 for $179.99
6 Layer 100 in2 for $299.99

Standard Specs Include:

Free Tooling
Free E-test
5/5 (mil) Trace/Space
Minimum drill (12-mil)
Solder Mask (yellow, red, blue, green)
Silk Screen - 2 sides
Silk Screen (red, black, yellow, white)
HASL Free Finish

As a one-time promotion, we are offering the first 3 members from the the edaboard.com forum 50% off any our of 2-6 Layer specials. Please include the following code in your email: FOREDABOARD1

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Thanks for your consideration.