32-Channel DDCs/64-Channel DDCs
The core is based on a novel channelisation architecture, which provides the flexibility traditionally associated with DDC cores and ASIC devices, but with significantly greater silicon efficiency,It Can be integrated into a single three million equivalent logic gates for Xilinx or Altera FPGA, in xilinx VirtexV6 devices or altera StratixIV devices can be integrated 1024-channel independent DDCs.

• 16-bit ADC inputs, Fs > 220MS/s
• 64 independently configurable channels
• Independent tuning, gain, sample rate and output filter selection controls
• Output sample rates from Fs/128 to Fs/8192 or more
• Maximum alias-free output bandwidth of Fs/320 (= 625kHz for Fs = 200MS/s)
• 8 programmable output shaping filters
• Example filter performance: 0.1dB peak to peak ripple, alias-free bandwidth 80% of output sample rate and 90dB image rejection
• Centre frequency tuning accuracy to within 0.003Hz(Fs/2^36)
• Resampling provides any output rate to within 0.003Hz(Fs/2^36)
• >90dB spurious free end to end performance
• Resampled output maintains >90dB spurious free performance
• 0 to 90dB gain boost MGC & AGC

We can provide the logic netlist and HDL source code, technology does not transfer, thank co-operation.

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