with Power Amplifiers
or perfect timing, you will add a frequency offset to the received signal and determine
performance in the presence of AWGN for SNR values of 20, 10, 5, 0 dB. The idea is to sweep
the frequency range from 0 to fMAX which is the frequency at which BER is at or near 50%.
Perform this task in small frequency increments and plot the BER versus frequency offset.
You should have a single plot with four curves, one for each Eb/N0. Use fs = 16.

I am first generating bits. then symbol mapper, then UPSAMPLE, then TX FIlter ( i am using Rcosine filter for that)
then i am adding noise to Tx Filter signal. then I am again fitlering at receiver using RCOSINE filter. then DOWNSAMPLE , then DECISION and in end comparing bits to get BER curves.
now first how to get Freq.OFFSET , also how to get the curve for FOFFSET and BER??
plzz xplain