Hello All,

Good day..

Just joined the forum. I have a plan of getting me a Spartan 3E starter kit or the Development board for image/audio processing.

I already have done projects long back using Microblaze. but this time am interested in using linux on the softcore processor. I would like to know if this board would suffice my following dreams..

1) Able to do video/image processing.(simple MPEG1, JPEG)
2) For audio encoding/decoding such as G711/G723 etc.

And one of my long time dream is developing a small custom OS whatever that my application would require.

Will the Spartan 3E starter kit be enough for above things? or the Development board may be?

The Spartan 3E starter comes with 500K gate FPGA while the development board comes with 1600K gate FPGA. Also there are few changes in memory sizes too.

Thanks for your help in advance.