hello i have made a new web page recently, showing these two projects,
and everything else that I have.

I also have my own BBS now: http://ucontroller.yuku.com

I would welcome discussion about:
-LED multiplex
-low power PIC circuits: dc/dc converter, small batteries, solar cells
-unusual clocking methods, for instance inductors, or external quartz generators (I just made one yesterday, after two years research).

looking forward to participate in threads.

the two projects on the web page are under construction, and make good progress.

for instance, I use a software stack on the 16f57, 8 levels are possible.
in the near future, I also want to implement a software stack for the 8-level 16F PICs, and 18F models.

anyone here with experience using software stacks (not via embedded OS, just direct RISC ASM approach)??

so far my code works well, 62 instructions are executed for each call!

for this reason (and others) I can not use 32.768 Khz crystal, but right now using 100 uH inductor (frequency should be some 100 Khz).
also I have large number of 500 KHz ceramic resonators.

anyone out there still using them for microcontrollers?
they have been very popular inside floppy drives, and some RADIO receivers.

I also need help with ultrasonic and infrared prototypes (all PIC based), I am not even sure about protocols/features. Will consider another thread for these topics.
I have just collected numerous components to start off related experiments, and also some PCBs already exist.

means there will be additional projects on the web page soon (I hope, in the next few months).

It's hard to put all questions in narrow thread subjects, there are maybe 50 prototypes around, and of course, a lot of RISC ASM code is shared, and features added later, once they have been developed.


I'm not the one posting a 3-page listing, and asking "why the code can not program/why the PIC does not start up".
My questions are about design issues, and potential features.
I do work out something, but maybe it could be done better/differently (and I do not mean to add 1/4W resistors for LEDs, or to calculate them).

and of course, more web page views make me happy.