Hello all,

I am using wm9713 audio codec in my project. Audio is transferred to Bluetooth module(BTM) using PCM link. The PCM link operates at a freq of 8KHz sampling rate.

PCM data to BTM is directly transferred from a sigma delta ADC.

At ADC sampling freq of 8KHz, I hear a noise like "rrrrrrrrrr" in the background of audio in Bluetooth Headset.

1)I dont know what type of audio noise it is?
2) Is it a jitter audio? because both codec and BTM operate at different clock domains.
3)Can I get a sample audio of jitter noise to identify it?

4) AT 48 Khz samp freq,this noise is not there , but sampling rate mismatch between ADC and PCM link leads to all the high freq sounds get distorted. ie saaa becomes like shhhhhha

Thank you in advance,