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i am searching for the following IEEE paper, can any one help me on downloading these papers.

[1] R. Sturdivant,”Balun Designs for Wireless …Mixers, Amplifiers and Antennas”, Applied Microwave, Summer
[2] Yeong J Yoon, et al. “Design and Characterization of Multilayer Spiral Transmission-Line Baluns”, IEEE
Microwave theory thech., Vol. 47, No 9, Sep. 1999, pp 1841-1847
[3] Samuel J. Parisi, “180o Lumped Hybrid”,IEEE MTT-S Digest,1989
[4] Hwann-Kaeo Chiou, Hao_Hsiung Lin, and Chi-Yang Chang, “Lumped-Element Compensated High/Low-PassBalun for MMIC Double balanced Mixer”, IEEE Microwave and Guided Wave Letter, Vol 7, No. 8, Aug 1997

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