Double Sided PCBs (quick turn up 48 hrs)
Multi-layers PCBs (up to 30 layers)
Flexible PCBs and Rigid-Flexible boards (1-6 layers)
Aluminum base board and other metal core board

We already work with several international companies throughout the electronics world although this doesn't mean that we are only interested in large orders.

We don't have any minimum order quantities. We are committed to helping the small to mid-sized company, as well as larger companies. We specialize in Double Sided, Al base boards, Flexible boards and Multi-Layer boards.

We have built up a large experienced workforce, ready to respond to the ever-increasing demand for high quality products in the international market place.

If you’re interested in competitive pricing, excellent quality and the highest level of service, do not hesitate to contact us.

email: pcb1001(at)

We look forward to hearing from you.