Hi All,i am k.s.Rao i have a problem with my new mp3 player Model YP-U3QB/MEA ,it was worked well upto 3-4 months after it started problem with sound,the symptom is gradually volume will decreases from the constant listening volume,if i increase the volume then the sound will come with noise some thing like bursting disturbed sound,it will also decrease to very very low within minutes,if i left the player without using for a week or long time then it will work correctly for few minutes,again starts the same problem,after this all, oneday i did attached the player to pc and opend the music folder and played in windows media player continuesly a day, after that the player it self worked well for 4-5 hours and same problem started again,i lost warranty card,so from the service center no free service they will charge very high,please help me to find the problem and correct it.
Thanx in advance.