SoCE gives no DRC errors, but Calibre gives many. The DRC errors mostly comprise of

1. The density and the Poly area coverage errors. Also, layer M1, M2 .. M5 area coverage must be >X% and <Y%.

2. M2 with >= X um wide and <= Y um long must have hole (This error is with the segments connecting IO pad s with the Power ring. I had just asked encounter to connect power pads with the power ring. It should had automatically taken care of this rule. How to ask encounter to create a hole in the segment or to use the segments of lesser width when connecting power pads to the power ring)?

3. M2, .. M5 Spacing errors. A lot of such errors. The spacing between two same layers should be atleast Yµm. I have noticed that encounter maintains the minimum distance. But whereever there is a via (since via takes some extra space), the minimum distance is violated and thus a DRC spacing violation is reported by Calibre. But why doesn't Encounter handles this DRC error? How to resolve these problem, Manuallay in Calibre?