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Beijing Diamond R & D Center is a company which engages in copy board of large multilayer PCB board in Beijing---Shanghai---Shenzhen with high-speed, low price. The company undertakes business of PCB cloning(copy board),linewidth、line space、aperture、unlimited layers,one-time success. Our company has hundreds of engineers who endeavored to many years experience of developing work. According to customers requirements, we offer the following services, such as double-sided, multilayer or high-frequency PCB copy board, PCB reform board、schematic diagram design、PCB LAYOUT、BOM form design、chip decoding、prototype making(Include debugging)、batch processing of finished products、high-speed BGA patch processing、technological support、quality insurance of PCB manufacturing. To save sample debugging and developmental cost for you.
Our company promises to provide convenient and quick service at all times with enthusiastic attitude, low price and perfect technological support in time. Cordial to welcome the masses of incoming telegrams and letters of each merchant condescend to inquire and discuss.
*More information please land our website or write to us or make a phone, even attend personally to the company to guide our work.
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North China Headquarters---Diamond Beijing R & D center
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East China Headquarter –Diamond Shanghai R & D Center

Address:Suite802,NO1,Building105, Jiuting Street,Songjiang District, Shanghai.
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