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  1. AlexNadal

    PicBasic, program with timer1 and timer0

    When I work with the timer1 and timer 2 in picBasic, how can I distinguish which has interrupt the program?! wich flags?! And how I can do differents things depends on the interruption?! thanks
  2. AlexNadal

    How to connect two or three PICs by SPI?

    Please! Anyone can help me in the SPI world? My question is about the program in PICBasic I have to use to connect a PIC as a master and one or two PICs as slaves. I have read something in the datasheet and in the WEB, but its still a bit misterious for me, I know that I have to conect two...
  3. AlexNadal

    how to obtain VectorCardiograph(VCG) signal????

    have you tried with a sound program?! I have done something similar, much more simply, and I play it with a sound program.
  4. AlexNadal

    Unipolar 4ph stepper motor control

    In wich program are you going to write it?! Assembler, C, C++, basic, picbasic?! It is urgent? Cause I will write it soon in picbasic, if no one write it sooner. But basically you must say to the micro the phase you want move, I recommend you the "normal step" (it depends on what are you...
  5. AlexNadal

    Need project ideas in the field of power electronics and electric drives

    Re: need project ideas Well you can do something about solar power, as an installation o the circuit to transform the DC solar electricity into AC normal electricity, here in Spain is so popular, becouse there is a law that impulse it use. Maybe in other places there are similar laws.
  6. AlexNadal

    Controlling the cuurrent by a PIC?!

    I want to drive some stepper motors and I´m thinking to control their currents with a PIC (also becouse I´m going to use a PIC to control each motor) so what do you think? Use a PIC to control the current limit or use a simple circuit as something as easy as a resistor or something more...
  7. AlexNadal

    How can I control 6 stepper motor with a PIC?

    Well is not that easy, each motor stepper driver cost at least 4€ plus the external FET´s couse my motors use 1,5 Amp. The easiest (for me) way is to control them by 2 micros, are cheaper and smaller. Don´t know exactly what to use if a ´877 or a couple of ´818. The velocity is not a problem, I...
  8. AlexNadal

    How can I control 6 stepper motor with a PIC?

    well, that was my first idea, but at the end I will use 2 pics to control the motors and an other one that will be the "brain", the key thing is that I will use SPI interface to connect the differents PIC. The main problem is tha I need many I/O. Thanks for all !!
  9. AlexNadal

    PIC or BasicStamp?, PICBasic or PBASIC?

    Hi, well I nearly comvince to use a PIC in my proyect, also becouse I will use differents pics fot different application, my question is merely for my information, what´s the different between PBASIC and PICBasic o Basic Stamp and PICs? thanks
  10. AlexNadal

    Need resources to learn PIC Basic

    pıc basic notlar Thanks for all, it helped me a lot!
  11. AlexNadal

    How can I control 6 stepper motor with a PIC?

    Well using stepper motor drivers ar not a very good idea, thought, becouse they are so expensive, at least in Spain, and also still have to use 3-bit for each motor (enable,direction,step). Multiplex the input was also one of my ideas using before the motors a latch or insted of multiplex the...
  12. AlexNadal

    How can I control 6 stepper motor with a PIC?

    kumko motor 49 info Hi! I have to control 6 stepper motor, each motor have 4-phase therefore I have to use 4 bits of a PIC to control each one, so I will use 3 ports of my micro and I still need 2 more ports to other things. How do you recommend me? what chips will you use?! what PICS will...
  13. AlexNadal

    How to provide negative supply to an amplifier?

    battery negative supply Other way is to use an LM7909, that provides you a -9 voltage and a LM7809 that provides you a 9 voltage
  14. AlexNadal

    How to improve the range of IR distance sensor?

    Re: IR Distance Sensor For a distance sensor IR sensor is not the best option, you really really dont want to use an ultrasonic sensor?! I recomend them
  15. AlexNadal

    Final year project help

    You want a project in what field of Electrical Power? Generation? (fosil, wind, water,...) Transmition? (high voltage, very high voltage, medium,....) Distribution? (trafos, control,...)
  16. AlexNadal

    IR Remote Control using phototransistor, is it feasible?

    IR remote control, apart with a laser as sreejith said but you must have good aim, it range is up to 50 meters. You must change for bigger distance a radio remote control.
  17. AlexNadal

    help required for chosing final year project

    You have many fields to use microwaves, some of them are: - Communications (of course), its the future becouse it is the best way (now a days) to transmite signals. (phone, TV,...) - Radars. Very important for army or just for police. Are in constan investigation for better radars. -...
  18. AlexNadal

    uC power supply filter

    How about the voltage regulators LM78XX?! there is a LM7815, so that gives you a 15V output?
  19. AlexNadal

    Software for simulating power electronics circuit (using TCA785 model)

    simulation software saber downloads I will use PSpice or even PROTEUS, but as cyberblank said, PROTEUS is like Orcad, PROTEUS uses libs from PSpice, but it has a friendly interface. For any electric or electronic circuit, in my opinion, I will use always PROTEUS or PSpice.

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